How To Build A Hidden Room Behind A Bookshelf

20 Aug 2015. Behind the poplar shelf lies a hidden gem of a room, accessible via a secret latch. Once inside it looks like the kind of place you'd find Sherlock Holmes relaxing after a hard day busting mysteries right open. Advert.

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18 Jan 2013. Everyone loves a house with hidden door or secret rooms, but these are tricky details to pull off successfully. Custom Service Hardware hidden door hinges — These hinges can support up to 500 lb., making them especially useful for a fully loaded bookcase door. The Secrets Behind Hidden Doors — Trim placement and special hardware make possible the tight tolerances that.

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25 Oct 2015. It's like something out of Bond or Batman film – pull a particular book down from a bookcase and a secret passageway/room/Batcave is revealed. So it's not that surprising that a hotel in Amsterdam has decided to pull out the.